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Go after your goals

Maverick Health & Fitness is mobile Personal Training with a focus on integrated and functional training.

Health and fitness is a lifestyle and so we strive to instil the persistence and determination needed not only to make your goals a reality but to also maintain your achievements long-term.


You start the journey, we'll help you finish it.

We seek to help you achieve a feeling of competence and boost self-esteem so as to lead you to a greater level of motivation.

Along the way, you'll enjoy so many benefits of exercise:


Weight management.

Yes, you will loose weight, but there's so much more to it than that


Reduce your risk of type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, some cancers and cardiovascular diseases


Improved overall health
with a generous portion of energy. There won't be any holding you back once you get stuck in!


Strengthening of bones as well as muscles. Strong bones are increasingly important the older we get. 


Improved mental health, mood, well-being and ability to do daily activities.


Gain a better ability to cope with stress, reduce anxiety and depression.


Develop a better self-image.

Be an athlete. Be strong. Be anything you want to be.


Increased motivation.

Especially once you feel and see results from the programs developed for you!



Live as your most confident self. Wether you're 15, 50 or 95 years old - Confidence looks and feels good.


Increase your chances of living longer. A long, healthy life is yours for the taking.


Fitness for

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What to expect

We offer a number of different options that include 1-on-1 Personal training, 2 on 1 Personal Training, Small Group and Corporate Training (Bootcamps) and Pre and Post Natal Training.

All ages, fitness levels and abilities are accommodated through a variety of programs. Each session will vary to include a range of bodyweight exercises as well as the use of equipment so that the training sessions are always kept fun and challenging guaranteeing continual stimulation and incentive to pursue your goals.


Integrated and Functional training involves elements of balance, stability, strength, power and multiplanar movements. We endeavor to individualize exercises that reflect the demands of sporting, recreational, occupational and activities of daily living for each client.

Maverick Health and Fitness will provide you with structure, accountability and motivation through consistency to help you develop a lifestyle that encourages progressive health practices.


Let’s go get it !

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