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First of all



Step 1:

Initial Consultation

To kick things off, book in for an initial consultation. This pre-exercise screening and risk stratification improves the safety of clients and identifies any risk from physical activity/exercise. To do this, you'll complete a comprehensive fitness test and body composition measurements that will give us both a clear idea of where you're starting from. All information gathered is used to help build a profile to design personalised programs for you. (Not to worry though, this data is kept strictly confidential.)

Don't put it off, this is your health.

Fitness isn't as daunting as it seems. Break it down into baby steps and do what's in front of you. The first step is to get in touch. Fill out the form below to start or continue you fitness journey with Maverick Health and Fitness.

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Step 2:

A Personalised Program

Once we've gathered your initial consultation data, we can start to design a personalised program for you to reach your goals. 

Nutritional advice and coaching will enhance client awareness of food choices and critical eating habits. This goes hand in hand with physical exercise in order to contribute to a healthy lifestyle that is consistent with minimising the risks of developing diet related diseases.

By incorporating physical activity into nutritional strategies you will achieve a far greater and more permanent result than doing either alone.

Read more about what Step 2 can look like below.



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1-on-1 Training


Sometimes it's ok to be the centre of attention.

Get a trainer's full focus in 1-on-1 sessions, where you have the very best opportunity to get personalised training to help reach your particular goals. We'll motivate you, teach you, and be right beside you as you to do the hard yards. 

If you have a particular health condition or injury we will endeavour to work closely with you and your health care professional to design a fitness program that encompasses all you require.



2-on-1 Training

Train with a partner or a friend.

Still a very personalised option for those requiring a more attentive approach with their training.

Each session is tailored to both individuals needs as they may have different goals, abilities and fitness levels. 

It’s also great to feed off the energy of one another. This can help to motivate each other to help reach goals together, as you will develop a bond to not let the other person down. Even beginners can inspire each other to push harder.

A more cost effective way of taking advantage of personalised training sessions while training and achieving your fitness goals with a partner or friend. 



Group Training

Small Group Training: Grab a group of friends or FAMILY and start a training group

You will feel like a team, working together and having fun while doing so in an attempt to reach your collective and individual goals. 

Training with a small group of friends is a very fun and motivating way of training. Most people perform better in this type of training environment due to either inspiration or just old-fashioned competition, in fact being part of a team can be so powerful that it can actually raise tolerances of pain and help push yourself to achieve more than you had imagined.

Also a nice way to catch up and keep in touch with the group members.

Another cost effective way to train especially for those on a budget, no matter what your fitness level or age you will get a great workout while enjoying the sessions with friends.

Corporate Training: Healthy staff equals healthy business. 

Regardless of fitness levels or age corporate training is a great way to enhance team bonding and camaraderie amongst employees. 

Training motivates and promotes teamwork all the while allowing employees to get to know each other better on a different level.

Training as a business has been known to enhance employee productivity and improve staff morale all while reducing numbers in staff turnover, absenteeism and sick leave as well as workplace injury and associated costs.

Additionally these programs can often be seen as a central component of an attractive employee compensation and benefits package that can be used as a recruitment and retention tool to attract and keep high quality employees.

Overall we practice enjoyable and rewarding sessions to help build a more proficient and productive workforce by helping employees achieve a healthy body and attitude.


Pre and Post Natal Training


Each pregnancy is different and so each program will incorporate different variances so that the best possible strategy is undertaken for the safety of both the baby and mother pre and post pregnancy.

We write personalised program throughout each stage of pregnancy. Address pregnancy related conditions, teach effective kegel exercises and record detailed tracking of body composition.

If you can’t find a baby sitter than bring your baby to the sessions and we can incorporate training with your baby.

You can organise sessions with your mothers group if you all would prefer training as a group with or without you


  • Good for the mother and also your baby.

  • 75% less chance of a caesarean

  • 30% of mothers needed less pain medication relief during labour

  • 75% less chance of maternal exhaustion during labour

  • Reduce the risk of your child suffering from obesity

  • Maintaining a healthy weight gain.

  • Strengthening your Pelvic floor.

  • Improve mood and aid in the prevention of prenatal and postnatal depression

  • Helps to prepare your body for childbirth and decrease the length of labour

  • Decrease the incidence of lower back pain.

  • May help to prevent preeclampsia and/or treat Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

  • Increase energy and promote healthier sleeping patterns

  • Relieve or even prevent constipation

  • Improve circulation

  • Get your pre-baby body back faster.


You’ve got it!

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